Fraud - Piddington

Message from Northamptonshire Police:

We are aware of a fraud happening in the village of PIDDINGTON, Northampton wherby an elderly couple were convinced to hand over a substantial amount of money by people claiming to be from the Police.

The couple were contacted by person(s) claiming to be from the Police, who convinced the couple to take a quantity of money out from a foreign exchange and then claimed the money they had taken out was counterfeit, and sent a courier to collect it. This was at significant finacial loss to the elderly couple.

Northamptonshire Police are currently in the process of investigating with Fraud along with colleagues from Action Fraud.

The purpose of this email is to raise your awareness of the different types of fraud that exist, this can be found at:

Advice about fraud | Northamptonshire Police (

If you are concerned about the genuine identity of a Northampton Police Officer or Support Staff, here is some advice:

How to check an officer's identity | Northamptonshire Police (

To report Fraud, please go to:

Report fraud, bribery or corruption | Northamptonshire Police (

Alternatively you can report on 101.

Posted: Tue, 04 Jul 2023 11:17 by Alison Benson

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