Asian Hornet - Threat to our native bees

An aggressive predator of native insects, the non-native Asian hornet poses a significant threat to honeybees and other already declining native pollinators.

There are several key features to look out for which will help you distinguish between Asian hornets, and our native European hornet, Vespa crabro:

  • The Asian hornet is smaller, with queens up to 30 mm, and workers up to 25 mm in length. European hornet queens can reach 35 mm
  • A key feature of Asian hornets is its almost entirely dark abdomen except for the 4th segment which is yellow. European hornets, on the other hand, have a brown and yellow striped abdomen (see below)
  • Whereas the legs of European hornets are dark, Asian hornets have bright yellow tips to their legs
  • Asian hornets are only active during the day, unlike our native hornet which is most active at night

Do not disturb active nests. Report sightings via free iPhone and Android app: Asian Hornet Watch. Online at: or by email: Further information on honey bee health available at: Tel: 0300 303 0094

Posted: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 09:51 by Alison Benson

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