Article 4 Direction - Land at Horton

The direction removes planning permitted development rights given by the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015, as amended in relation to the erection of any means of enclosure within Schedule 2 of the Order, Part 2, Minor operations Class A – gates, fences, walls etc. This means that planning permission will be needed prior to erecting any means of enclosure on the land.

The site is located outside of the development confines of Horton as defined by the Development Plan and is therefore in the open countryside. It fronts the Horton Road, runs roughly east to west and is some 7.5 hectares in area. Public footpath, ref. KM42, Hackleton crosses the land.

The land is currently being marketed for sale and twenty-nine separate plots are indicated on the sales particulars, together with two access points off the Horton Road and an internal road layout servicing the various plots. The land is currently in agricultural use and no planning permission exists for any change of use, or operational development on the land. In addition, it is considered that the land has very limited development potential given its location in the open countryside and distanced from the development boundary for Horton.


Posted: Tue, 23 Nov 2021 12:21 by Alison Benson

Tags: Planning & Highways