Surfacing work to Newport Pagnell Road

The Parish Council has been in much correspondence with Highways regarding the failed and potentially dangerous surface on the Main Road.

Works between Hackleton and Horton are currently scheduled for 6 June 09.00-17.00. This will then be followed by a sweep under a closure on 7 June with another sweep on 11 June, where a full closure required.

The programme is being affected by the weather but Highways are trying to keep on track and changing signs as quickly as they are able to if the dates change.

They have wanted to rectify the problems with this site for some time, but this type of work is very weather dependant which meant that they could not carry out remedial measures last year. The site has been reviewed and the crew will be returning to redress the sections that require it, however much to the Parish Council's concern the road will not be planed.

Highways assure us that they have previously surface dressed hundreds of miles of roads of all types in Northamptonshire with this national standard treatment without problems. The Parish Council will certainly be in urgent contact with Highways if previous issues are seen again.

Highways have stated that they are sorry people have been affected by problems with the surface. The surface dressing process takes time to bed in and relies very much on traffic driving at 20mph to ensure safety. It is unfortunate, and very unsafe when drivers do not adhere to this reduced limit and could result in chippings flying up or accidents. It can also damage the new surface. The 20mph restriction will be reinstated, and taken off once Highways feel it is safe to do so.

Residents are advised to check signs at the roadside if there is any adverse weather, as timings could change. Most of this work will require road closures, so please follow diversions and allow some extra time.

Posted: Thu, 03 Jun 2021 11:59 by Alison Benson

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