Courier Fraud - Important Warning

The force have been receiving a number of reports of courier fraud across Northamptonshire and we have seen residents in many of our South Northants villages falling victim in recent weeks.

The offenders appear to be targetting elderly residents by telephone, using various stories in order to gain their personal information, including purporting to be a Police Officer. The offenders will often already have some personal information about the resident which they have likely gained from social media, online phone books and online community pages. This then helps the offender to convince the resident that they are genuine.

We are desperately trying to reach out to our residents to inform them of this fraudulent activity to avoid them falling victim to it. We have provided some information below which details the signs of a fraudulent call and advice of how to avoid becoming a victim yourself. Please share this with family members that you feel may be at risk.

What You Should Know
Also known as social engineering or phishing, generally, but not exclusively courier fraud is where the fraudster cold calls the victim on their landline (whether in possession of the victim's details or not). The victims are generally elderly/vulnerable.

They make claims designed to encourage the victim to divulge specific personal Information ultimately requesting the victim to provide their PIN. Some of the most common are:
·Claiming to be POLICE – citing recent arrests of individuals in possession of the victim's details and requiring the victim's ASSISTANCE to investigate.

· The victim's bank card(s) has a design FAULT and needs replacing. They ask the victim to cut their card down the centre ensuring the INTEGRITY of the chip.

· The suspects cite a fault with the victim's online bank card reader.

· A CORRUPT bank EMPLOYEE working at the victim's bank and the caller needs the victim's ASSISTANCE in catching the culprit.

· Bank card required for FORENSIC examination re police INVESTIGATION.

· To assist with a police investigation and ask the victim to actually go to the shops and purchase goods, current favourite ROLEX watches and APPLE products.

Also asking victims for their personal goods such as iPhones etc.

Some of the courier FRAUDS have PROGRESSED with the victim called on a second occasion and re-quested to withdraw all the cash from their other current account "due to a CORRUPT bank EMPLOYEE" and place the funds into a separately named account - a so called "mule account".
The fraudster will then arrange either an innocent TAXI company or ASSOCIATE to collect the bank card from the victim's home address and deliver it to a prearranged location where the card(s) are picked up. Consequently the fraudster is in possession of both the victim's bank card and their PIN.

The suspect will either use the card to withdraw cash, use the card to purchase online goods or use it in stores to purchase high value goods.

Your BANK and the POLICE will NEVER ask for your PIN. If you receive one of these calls END it immediately.

Posted: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 09:22 by Alison Benson

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