Defibrillator Training - 11th July & 22nd August 2019


You will have read in the Parish Council Minutes that defibrillators are coming to Hackleton Parish. Thanks to the donations from Hackleton WI and The White Hart Pub, alongside monies taken from the Parish Council coffers; three defibrillators have been purchased. The defibrillators have been placed in the telephone box in Piddington, the junction of Brook Court and Denton Road in Horton and on Main Road, Hackleton in the telephone box near The Banks turning. The defibrillators are all in coded boxes which have an electricity supply to keep them at the correct temperature. Should you be in the unfortunate situation where you need to use one, the process is simple: dial 999, the Ambulance Control Room will give you a code to open the box and you can then take the defibrillator to the emergency

Could you cope in an emergency?

Hackleton Parish Council alongside South Northants Community Responders have decided to offer a couple of training sessions for all residents to attend should they wish. These training sessions are taking place on 11th July and 22nd August 7pm - 9pm in annexe of Village Hall.

No booking is required - please just bring yourself.

The Parish Council would like to thank the Village Hall Committee for allowing free use of the Village Hall for these training sessions.

Posted: Thu, 04 Jul 2019 13:23 by Gill Wells

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