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Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Hi Everyone

I am pleased to advise that Hackleton now has it's own Neighbourhood Watch scheme (No. S126).

I can also advise that the police now have an online automated system that sends reports of crime in South Northants to all residents that are registered on their local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

To gain access to the registration process just go onto the website where you will asked for your postcode. Enter this and you will see a map showing schemes for Piddington and Hackleton.
Piddington residents should click on scheme S44 and Hackleton is scheme S126.

Once onto the map you will see the area covered by the scheme. Scroll down and click on the "Apply to join" box. This will send a message to the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator who will register you as a scheme member. Your membership will be confirmed by email from the coordinator.

Once your registration has been completed you will receive Alerts from the police, not only for crime reports but also security advice and warnings of scams etc.

I will continue with the distribution of my messages until I am happy the new system is working correctly.

Please pass on the information to all residents who would find this of interest and would like to register. You can always contact me if you have any problems.

Best regards

Phil Renshaw
07541 959836

Posted: Mon, 03 Jun 2019 14:31 by Alison Benson

Tags: Neighbourhood Watch