Piddington Cemetery

Piddington Cemetery

Piddington Cemetery is located adjacent to the Churchyard. It is intended to be a peaceful and tranquil final resting place. All new graves are located in an area maintained as a lawn section.

Hackleton Parish Council provides the cemetery under its powers as a burial authority, for the burial of persons:

  • Who have died resident in the parish of Hackleton (which includes Hackleton, Horton, Piddington, Preston Deanery and part of Wootton) and their spouses and their children
  • Who were non-residents but were born in the parish, their spouses and their children
  • Who the Parish Council consider have had a long association with the parish

Any decision of the Parish Council is final and cannot be regarded as setting a precedent.

The Parish Council requests that the Cemetery Regulations are adhered to always. Any commemorative items left which contravene the Regulations will be removed without notice.

Please read the Cemetery Regulations for full details.

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